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Weekly Skiing on Mission Bay

We ski Mission Bay year-round once a week, and twice a week during the warmer months. We provide all the equipment and helpful instruction you need.
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Directions to Crown Point
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Colorado River Trips

Spring and fall are our River Trip seasons. We take up to 25 people and two boats and ski 'til our hands are raw.
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Course Skiing on Mission Bay

We have exclusive use of the slalom course on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay one Sunday afternoon each month. Great to hone your slalom skills or to learn from scratch!
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How To Contact Us

Call us at (858) 430-0299
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Our Boats

The Club currently owns two MasterCraft boats. Both of these boats have removable barefoot booms as well as a full complement of skiing and safety equipment.

To help offset the high costs of boat ownership, Club Members volunteer their time to maintain and repair these boats, as well as keeping them clean and ready for the next event.

The MasterCraft (aka "TMC" or "Gray")

Our 1990 MasterCraft ProStar 200 is also powered by a 200-horsepower Yamaha outboard. This boat has a very small wake that makes it the favorite among our slalom skiers. With its inboard-style hull design, this is an excellent slalom course boat. We've also pulled many barefooters behind this boat; power is not a problem!

The MasterCraft 2 (aka "T2")

This is nearly a clone of our other 1990 MasterCraft ProStar 200 and is the newest addition to our Club (purchased in June 2017).

Why Outboards?

Experienced skiers encountering our club are often surprised to see we run outboards and not always the usual inboard rig associated with club skiing. The reason for this is simple: we take our boats to the river 10 or more times each year, and the sandbars at the river can be treacherous on an inboard.