Club Documents

This is where you'll find important club documentation. Unless otherwise noted, these versions are the most recent available. Please direct comments to any board member.

Membership Forms and Guides

Membership Application
Send this in to join the club.
New Member Introductory Letter
A warm welcome from our Board of Directors
Participant Contributions $
Membership costs, itemized and explained.

Skiing Mission Bay and the Course

Directions to Crown Point
Launcher Schedule

Operational Forms and Blanks

Bay Ski Signup List
Bay Ski Waiver
Limited Use Form
Limited Use Guide
Work Credit Form

Driver and Launcher Training

Driver Training Packet
Launcher Training Packet
Trailer Light Hookup Guide

Going on a River Trip

A MUST for Non-Members and multi-person signups.
Personal Equipment List
An excellent guide for newcomers.
Map & Directions
What to expect driving out.
Trip Leader Guide
The club's bible. Learn how trips work.

Leading a River Trip

MUST be signed by all non-members!
Trip Leader Guide
River Expense Report
A programmed Excel spreadsheet.