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Weekly Skiing on Mission Bay

We ski Mission Bay year-round once a week, and twice a week during the warmer months. We provide all the equipment and helpful instruction you need.
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Colorado River Trips

Spring and fall are our River Trip seasons. We take up to 25 people and two boats and ski 'til our hands are raw.
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Course Skiing on Mission Bay

We have exclusive use of the slalom course on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay one Sunday afternoon each month. Great to hone your slalom skills or to learn from scratch!
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Call us at (858) 430-0299
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Course Skiing

One Sunday each month, from 2:00PM until sunset, we have exclusive use of the slalom course on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay. There is NO Sunday morning Bay Skiing on these course days.

All skiers and riders are welcome; you don't have to ski the course. Skiers get 6 passes or 15 minutes, whichever comes first. Wakeboarders get 4 passes or 15 minutes. A "pass" is one trip the length of Hidden Anchorage on Fiesta Island.

Course Days are limited to Members only due to club liability and the suggested donation is $13 per run. Simply show up and put your name on the signup sheet.

The slalom course itself is a series of bouys through which the boat drives a straight line while the skier must cut from side to side to go around bouys on either side of the boat. The course is the ultimate challenge for slalom (single-ski) skiers of all abilities. In fact, skiing the course is the fastest way to improve your slalom style regardless of your current ability.

As always, check our Launcher Schedule for the dates.