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Weekly Skiing on Mission Bay

We ski Mission Bay year-round once a week, and twice a week during the warmer months. We provide all the equipment and helpful instruction you need.
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Colorado River Trips

Spring and fall are our River Trip seasons. We take up to 25 people and two boats and ski 'til our hands are raw.
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Course Skiing on Mission Bay

We have exclusive use of the slalom course on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay one Sunday afternoon each month. Great to hone your slalom skills or to learn from scratch!
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What to Bring to the River

Picacho is a great campground with great campsites. However, the campground features only portable potties and hot showers powered by solar heat. If you're used to the Hilton-type accommodations, you'd better consider Las Vegas instead. From the list below you can pick and choose what meets your needs. Remember, pack to fit your comfort level.

1. Tent - if you can't (or don't want to) sleep in a van or truck, and you really want to keep from being bit by mosquitoes.

2. Sleeping Bag - it can get cold at night and there may be mosquitoes waiting for dinner.

3. Air Mattress/Pad - the ground is pretty hard so this is a nice Hilton feature.

4. Mosquito repellent - obviously.

5. Clothes - sufficient for three days and two nights. Two bathing suits are recommended, along with two to three towels as well. It's not fun to have to put on the same cold wet bathing suit from the previous day. Bring a warm jacket and long pants for evening. It may get cold.

6. Personal Hygiene Items - includes, shampoo, soap, etc. You won't find these items in the hotel bathroom.

7. Sunblock - takes the red out (OOP's that's Visine).

8. Chapstick - very dry weather - what do you expect at the desert?

9. Flashlight - ever try to cook your steak in the dark? Many medium steaks turn out well done.

10. Hat or Visor - to be cool with, ehhhh!

11. Skis/Wakeboard, Vest, Spray Guard, Wetsuit (if you think it necessary), Float Toys - unless you want to ski barefoot and naked. If you bring small children you may want to consider bringing a vest for them.

13. Cooler - to keep things cold. Don't forget the ice!!

14. Food - Bring lunch, snacks and an entree for dinner Saturday night. The club supplies grills for cooking.

15. Drinks - bring anything you wish to drink for the weekend. Orange juice, coffee and hot chocolate is provided in the mornings.